Our Teacher Program

Development components:

  • Seminars & Workshops
    3-day interactive and dynamic instruction
  • Teacher In-Service
    OEF onsite training
  • Observational Learning
    DVD lessons and printed teacher guides

Teachers...The Gatekeepers of Education

Illiteracy and proverty go hand in hand. 98 percent of the world's illiterate population lives in the developing World. To alleviate this epic predicament it must be understood that education is the linchpin of opportunity and teachers are the gatekeepers.

One Head Teacher remarked that she can't build homes for all her students, but they will build their own homes if they have the income that comes from a good education.

Professional Development Team

Randy Esters, Ed.D - LSU Eunice

Lori Lynn Ahrends - Iowa Department of Education

Betsy King - Education Service Center Region 12, Texas

Jerry Maze, Ed.D. - Education Service Center Region 12

Teaching Challenges in Developing Countries

* Overcrowded classes

* Materials almost non-existent

* Facilities antiquated

* Education & training limited

Over 5,000 teachers have been impacted by one of Opportunity Education's Professional Development Programs.