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  • Louisiana College to Present 3 Seminars to African Teachers in 2013

    Professors from the Department of Education Louisiana College will for the third summer present Professional Development Seminars to Opportunity Education program teachers in Africa. Dean Dr. Randy Esters will lead the Louisiana College professors to Ghana, West Africa in June 2013. Four hundred teachers participated in two Uganda, East Africa seminars in the summer of 2012, while 502 teachers were trained by Dean Ester's team in Tanzania, East Africa in 2011. The education professors will present three seminars in June 2013 of two and half days each in Swedru, Kumasi and Suhum, Ghana. These seminars are in conjunction with Ghana Education Services. The seminars have been enthusiastically received. According to Rose Wachira, Dekapoli E.M. School, "The seminar has been the most educative, inspirational and informative seminars I have attended. The representation was done in such a way that everyone could and did understand." Julius Zum, a teacher at ACT Mara Primary School stated, "I believe that I am now able to make my pupils know, believe, value and use the information I teach them." Opportunity Education is pleased to offer these professional development seminars in conjunction with Louisiana College's Teacher Education Department to promote quality instruction, assessment and certification to the teachers who work in the target schools in OE program.