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  • St. Patrick's students raise funds for sister school

    St. Patrick students

    Students and staff at St. Patrick's Catholic School in Elkhorn have raised over $7,500 for St. Mary s Primary School in Uganda, Africa. The funds, raised through St. Patrick's annual T-shirt sale, will help pay for school lunches for the 719 students at St. Mary's.

    St. Patrick's students may wear their special T-shirts instead of their uniforms on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. The message on the T-shirt is: "St. Patrick's & St. Mary's - Together we are the hands and feet of Christ."

    "Our Fellow students in Africa really are not that different from students here at St. Patrick's." said Deb Brown, fourth grade teacher. "Both schools' students are learning to be the best they can be - academically, behaviorally and spiritually."

    St. Patrick students

    Students in Deb Brown's fourth grade class at
    St. Patrick's Catholic school write letters to the
    students at St. Mary's Primary School in Uganda.

    The St. Patrick's Sister School Committee has also planned for each grade level to correspond with St. Mary's by writing letters or creating a digital greeting for the students. The letters and video greetings will include pictures, messages, prayers and Bible verses to provide insight into life here in the United States, as well as encouragement to their friends in Africa.

    St. Mary's and St. Patrick's were paired up as sister schools five years ago through the Opportunity Education. Jim Ricketts, St. Patrick's parishioner and deacon, is president and chief operating officer of the non-profit corporation.