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    Monitoring & Evaluation Exercise 2017
    Perpi Agyemang
    General Manager
    Student and Youth Travel Organization (SYTO)
    Accra.  Ghana

    Testimonies of Targeted Schools in Ashanti Region


    "The OE Program had enormously contributed to the enrolment drive, increased attendance and participation in pupils.  Creativity has been on the rise as pupils now exhibit self-induced learning and creativity.  Absorption level of pupils during lessons has improved.  Teaching and learning has never been easier and attractive.  Lessons supplement by the OE Materials are welcome by excited pupils and they learn whiles having fun...."  Margaret O. Acheampong - OE School Coordinator

    Photo 1 Ghana 2017


    "Since the introduction of the OE Program, teaching and learning has become attractive and interesting.  The Program has helped reduce absenteeism, increased attendance, participation and attention in pupils during lessons.  The creativity of pupils has been brought to light.  A healthy competition exists amongst classes in respect to creativity.  OE trainings have contributed to exposure and new approaches of teaching that makes teaching and learning easier and exciting.  The status of the school has been raised with the community...."  Portia Acheampongmaa - OE School Coordinator

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    "The OE Program has given immense support to teacher and pupils.  Through OEP training, our teachers have been exposed to new and improved methods of teaching and learning as well as clasroom management techniques that has made teaching and learning exciting and less burdensome.  Pupil's participation and attention during lessons has greatly improved.  Reading and creative skills of pupils has improved.  Enrolment drive of the school has increased.  The OEF Program has given us a fair chance in our competition with St. Monica's Primary School...."  Sophia Owusu - OE School Coordinator

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    "Academic performance, participation and attendance of pupils had greatly improved since the introduction of the OE Program in our school.  Pupils never miss lessons supplemented with OE material, they constantly remind you of the time allotted to the lesson.  Hidden talents have been unearthed, making bear the creative skills of pupils and teachers alike.  Lessons have been more learner-centered and concrete, allowing pupils to participate and contribute during lessons...."  Faustina Frimpong - OE School Coordinator

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