John Kandichetla / Southern Manager

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John Kandichetla is a native of India and holds Master's in Business Administration, from Periyar University, Salem, India, and Master's in Theology from St. Peter's Pontifical Institute of Theology, Bangalore, India, and Bachelor Degrees in Philosophy, Theology, History and in Education. Before joining Opportunity Education John worked as the Deputy Manager of 100 regular, special and boarding schools in the Catholic Diocese of Kadapa, India for a period of 5 years. He also worked as the Coordinator of Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, a lay Catholic Organization whose Head Office is located in Kansas City, Kansas USA. Through this organization, he was taking care of the needs of 2,200 Children and the Aged for a period of 6 years. He has traveled to US more than a dozen times to raise sponsors for the Children and the Aged. He started Mother Theresa English Medium School in South India and developed the schools with financial assistance from contacts in the US. The school at present serves 600 needy students belonging different religions. John joined Opportunity Education Foundation as South India Field Manager in December 2012.

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