School Details

Name: Catholic Primary School, Bota-Limbe


C/O Catholic Education Secretariat
P.O. Box 82
Buea, Southwest Region

Phone Number:

OEF School Id: 217988
Sister School:

The Mill Hill Missionaries and Catholic Mission Authority, headed by the Bishop of Buea, established the school in 1934. The school caters for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and today (6/15) has a total population of 73. A team of 4 teachers staffs the school, which has 7 classrooms. Challenges facing the school are declining enrollment (it is located in an area where many government workers live and they often send their children to schools outside the area), buildings which need to be renovated, and a source of drinking water. The school would also like to improve the teaching resources, such as textbooks, and develop the recreational, sports and play facilities. Annual student fees of 12,000 francs ($20) and a PTA levy of 2,000 francs (just over $3) per child fund the school but collection is often difficult. A little extra income is generated by a school farm and by donations. Football, singing, quizzes and traditional ballet are all areas in which the school has had success.

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