School Details

Name: Elmore Stoutt High School


Road Town
British Virgin Islands

Phone Number:

1 284-494-3468
OEF School Id: 219539
Target School:
Beliefs / Values

We believe that all children deserve nurturing and positive relationships from adults
We believe that all children are entitled to a holistic education that promotes excellence
We believe that education is a community responsibility
We believe that all persons must be treated with respect
We believe that persons can develop positively, given the appropriate conditions
We believe that each individual has an important role in society
We believe that personal responsibility is critical to individual and community development

Profile of the graduate of the Elmore Stoutt High School

A student graduating from the Elmore Stoutt High School meets the set standard of competency in the core subjects in order to enter college or an entry level job. The graduate fulfills civic responsibilities through community service, takes responsibility for actions, and shows empathy, compassion and respect for others. The graduate is environmentally active, socially competent, and makes healthy lifestyle cvhoices. The graduate also understands the local culture, and is respectful of different cultures. The graduate demonstrates critical thinking as well as life-long learning skills. The graduate is prepared to work with others striving always to be productive and to attain excellence in all undertakings. 

List of the Characteristics 

1. Life-long learner
2. Critical thinker
3. Knowledgeable of the content and skills of the core subjects
4. Prepared for entry to higher education or entry level employment opportunities
5. Honest, caring and courteous
6. Disciplined and responsible
7. Socially and morally competent 
8. Capable of making healthy lifestyle choices
9. Culturally aware
10. Environmentally active