We’re excited to work with Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm, on a new edition of their annual Gallup Student Poll.

Understanding What Students Need

The OE-Gallup Student Poll will focus exclusively on students in Florida, and will run from 2023 through 2027. The Poll will measure students’ engagement and sense of self-efficacy as learners, and will evaluate the connection between student engagement and performance. The Poll will also address student perceptions of how they learn best, what supports they benefit from, and what school and out-of-school programs can help them succeed. The Poll’s results will help educators and policy makers better understand and support Florida schools as they improve student engagement and performance.

All Florida public school districts with students in grades 6-12 are invited to participate at no cost to the school or district. Participating schools will receive their own school-specific report, which includes grade-level data. State-wide data will also be available when it is released to the public beginning in early 2024. 

Gallup and OE will never release students’ or schools’ individual information and we work very hard to protect the privacy of your responses. The state-wide data will also be an aggregate of all participating districts and will not identify individual districts’ information.

Enrollment will open soon. To learn more and sign up for the survey taking place during September 11, 2023-October 20, 2023, school district leaders can email Gallup at

Joe Ricketts portrait

“If we want to raise students’ performance, first we have to address their learning engagement. This collaboration between Gallup and Opportunity Education will generate critically important insights into students’ engagement, learning and success. These polls will help us continue to create programs and resources to ensure students succeed in this rapidly changing world.”

– J. Joe Ricketts, Opportunity Education Founder & CEO

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Opportunity Education Foundation to bring the Gallup Student Poll to the state of Florida. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Gallup’s mission to help people and organizations worldwide achieve their full potential through the power of data-driven insights. By working together, we can give Florida students a unique opportunity to measure their engagement, hope, and well-being in school, critical factors for future success. We believe this initiative can help create a brighter future for Florida’s youth, and we look forward to seeing its positive impact on their lives and communities.”

– Joe Daly, Gallup Global Head of Public Sector and Senior Partner