Customize criteria for Fast Feedback

Give Fast Feedback on criteria that is relevant to your students and their goals. Criteria could include behaviors (participation, engagement), skills (writing skills, creativity, problem solving, focus), standards, or deliverables. 

To add criteria in the extension:

  1. In the extension, choose “Fast” beside Feedback Type.

  2. Beside “Criterion,” click “+” to add new Fast Feedback criteria. If you have existing Fast Feedback criteria, the “+” will appear after the last criterion. You can add up to 15 criteria to the extension. 

  3. Add the criterion name, an optional description, and choose a feedback scale. Click “Save.” If the criterion already exists as part of preloaded OE Learning Skills, Work Skills or Essential Habits lists, you will see a description auto-populate.

  4. You can now select a class and give feedback on this criteria.

To add, edit, and remove criteria in the Workspace:

  1. Click “Criteria” under “Fast Feedback” in the left-side menu in the Workspace. 

  2. To add a criterion, click “New Criterion” in the top right. Add the criterion name, an optional description, and choose a feedback scale. Click “Save.” You can now give feedback on this criterion in the extension. 

  3. To edit an existing criterion, click the blue pencil to the right of the criterion’s scale. A modal will appear where you can edit the criterion’s name, description, and scale. You cannot edit the description of preloaded criteria. 

  4. To remove a criterion from the extension, click the black “x” to the right of the criterion. This will remove your quick access to the criterion in the extension, and give you space to add more criteria. It will not delete past feedback associated with this criterion. 

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