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Templates and Examples

These templates and examples lead you step by step as you create intentional learning experiences focused on active learning and effective feedback. Use our examples for inspiration, then customize the templates to make them your own, ready for your students with your content.

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Active Reading Bookmark

This customizable bookmark helps you support students as they practice active reading and annotation.


Tic-Tac-Toe Template

Give your students choice and differentiate their learning processes with a simple classroom activity that works for any grade and subject.




A student looks into a microscope at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Grab and Go Lesson Plans

Get your students engaged with lesson plans that are ready to use in the classroom. Plans can be customized as you see fit, but come packed with active learning strategies, real-world skill development, and engaging out-of-the-box work.

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Prepare to Plan

Motivate students to gain more independence with planning tools, templates, and time management strategies.


Ready, Set, Document!

Equip your students with the skills for great documentation and note-taking, enabling them to work more efficiently.





Professional Learning for Teachers


Online Teaching Tools


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