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Free Resources for Teachers

Research is clear, and teachers, parents and students know: students learn best when active and building real-life skills. But a teacher’s day-to-day responsibilities quickly pile up. Between progression, curriculum standards, and grading, there’s little space left for teachers to realize active, skill-building learning.

We’re dedicated to supporting teachers to make these learning experiences a reality. Our work is designed by educators for educators around key insights from Learning Sciences research.

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A smiling student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa builds a paper bridge from blueprints.

Active Learning Activities

Sometimes our students don’t get as excited about our subject as we do. To help you spark some of that passion in your students, try one of our activities. Each incorporates active learning strategies, real-world skill development, and engaging out-of-the-box work.

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A preview of the teacher facilitation guide for "Matter and Energy in Ecosystems"

Matter & Energy in Ecosystems

Model how matter and energy cycle through an ecosystem with this facilitation guide.

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A preview of the Glass Castle teacher facilitation guide

The Glass Castle

A facilitation guide for a full active reading unit to support students as they read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

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A student looks into a microscope at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Printer-to-Practice Lesson Plans

Reinvigorate your class and empower your students with easy-to-use resources designed to support active learning and relevant, student-driven exploration, no matter which subject you teach.

A preview of Opportunity Education's "Prepare to Plan" guide for teachers to help their students grow planning skills

Prepare to Plan

Motivate students to gain more independence with planning tools, templates, and time management strategies.

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A preview of Opportunity Education's teacher facilitation guide for a lesson that helps students learn documentation skills

Ready, Set, Document!

Equip your students with the skills for great documentation and note-taking, enabling them to work more efficiently.

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Professional Learning for Teachers

Incorporating active, skill-building experiences into all of your lessons is a tall order. We invite you to collaborate with our experienced teachers for a consultation to help you meet your goals. Or, browse professional learning resources at your own pace, like our library professional development session guides.


Online Teaching Tools

The Quest Forward Learning Workspace offers online tools to make it easier for you to enable more active learning, add targeted skills practice, and more. Incorporate a small tool into your routine to level-up your students’ learning, or try the entire suite to replace your current LMS.


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