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Tips for Teacher Self-care this Summer

Summertime for teachers is a mix of relaxation and planning for the next school year. I’d like to suggest that it can also be a great time to practice self-care and develop some healthy routines that can carry into the fall. I... Read More

Summer Reading Recommendations

We asked some team members from Opportunity Education and the Quest Forward High Schools to share what’s on their summer reading list. They came through with a range of book recommendations: some support professional and personal... Read More

Zach’s Story: From Quest Forward High School to Northwestern University

Zach is an alumnus of Quest Forward High School, a college preparatory school that is supported by Opportunity Education. Quest Forward High Schools’ curriculum is based on the active learning and engagement resources and tools... Read More

Teacher Spotlight: Kyle Hoffman

Quest Forward High Schools (QFHS) use Opportunity Education’s Quest Forward Learning method and tools to empower teachers with resources that encourage students to engage deeply in their learning and take ownership of their growth... Read More

Psst! Reflect Before Your Summer Break

The end of the school year can feel a bit “best of times/worst of times.” There’s a feeling of accomplishment as you get down to the final days. But you can also feel like you’re just trying to get across the finish line with... Read More