Learning Beyond Tests

As a parent, you want your child to do well in school and to succeed long-term. High school is an important stepping stone in their journey and should equip them for college and their future career.

Yet, research shows that less than 40% of students are engaged in high school by their senior year.


Irrelevant content, lock-step classrooms, and too many tests keep students from learning and developing the skills they need to succeed.

Engagement data from Gallup Student Polls vs. Quest Forward Academies in Omaha, NE and Santa Rosa, CA.

A student smiles while looking at a laptop with his teacher.

A student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha smiles while working collaboratively with his teacher and a peer.

A Better Way to Learn

Quest Forward Learning is a teaching method that enables teachers to engage students and help them learn better.

With Quest Forward Learning, students:

  • learn actively in every class
  • practice relevant skills
  • receive valuable feedback from their teachers that helps them improve every day

“They don’t get to just write a paper every time or take a test. They’re really challenged to show how they’ve learned, how they’ve grasped it. They’re not just regurgitating… I can ask my son and he actually can explain what he has learned.”

– Sheri, Quest Forward Academy Parent

Think about how your child learns best.

Most likely, they learn best when they are actively discovering, practicing, trying out approaches, and refining their skills until they succeed. Sports, music, the arts, coding, and many other areas work this way. High school should work this way too. 

Quest Forward Learning can be used by teachers in any high school setting, and in any subject class. Schools across the country have used the method for years now, with remarkable results.

A Quest Forward Academy student smiles as she pours liquid into a funnel in the science lab.

Quest Forward Academy students work together on an experiment at their science lab.

99% of high school seniors using Quest Forward Learning during the 2021–22 academic year were fully engaged in their work (compared to 34% in Gallup’s nationwide poll). Engagement is a key predictor of academic outcomes.


College Admissions Offices Agree

Quest Forward Academy students have received over $1.5 million in higher education scholarships this year and have been accepted into prestigious universities.

2022 college admissions include Creighton University, George Washington University, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, Macalester College, Northwestern University, Occidental College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Reed College, St. John’s College, Stanford University, Swarthmore College, University of California (Berkeley, San Diego), University of Nebraska, Whitman College, and many more!

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A graph displays engagement data for grades 5-12 nationally is far lower than Quest Forward Learning student engagement.