Help young adults find their career, and get their help to grow your business.

Young people need more real-world experience before they choose their career path.

According to a recent McKinsey study, 42% of college students abandoned their studies within 6 years without a degree. Many of these students took on debt to attend college, which will be challenging to pay off without a degree.

Opportunity Education’s Pathways Program helps students find their best path to success in their chosen career, whether it be via college, career education, the military, or on-the-job training. Each of these options has value, and students deserve the same high-end support to find and pursue the pathway that is best for them.

A student in the cockpit of a plane during an internship, with the Sonoma landscape visible through the window.

Opportunity Education’s Pathways Program gives young people a powerful head start in the workforce and provides local businesses with a valuable talent pipeline.


Partner with the Pathways Program

Students in the Pathways Program develop focus, skills, and goals.

During high school, the Pathways Program helps students to build skills and find their best path to success. They identify their strengths and interests, and validate them with real-world experiences.

Weekly sessions focus on:

  • Career Exploration: Using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessments, students identify their own strengths and interests, and learn to explore possible future paths in service learning and internships.

  • Professionalism: Students learn the essentials of career-related behaviors, including personal appearance, social media management, resume writing and interviewing, as well as in-person and online etiquette.

  • Personal Finance: Understanding the financial implications of choices, including how to pay for further education and earnings potential, is critical for each student when deciding on their actual future path. This also includes a basic understanding of saving and investing, how debt works, and how to construct a sustainable life beyond high school.

Serve as a guest speaker, panelist, or host a webinar about your career experiences. Reach out to

A student smiles while looking up at an internship colleague on a film set, with a green screen and lighting behind them.

“Companies should be open to bringing somebody on with a younger perspective… We want to hire him when he finishes school. He sticks with things… It was as good for us as it was for him.”

– Kevin Kroner, Owner, AKA Electric Inc.
A Quest Forward Academy student works alongside a professional chef in a restaurant kitchen in Omaha.

Your expertise is valuable to students.

Students benefit from guest speakers and guidance from career mentors focused on these themes. They are also paired with local businesses and organizations to help them succeed through service-learning opportunities and internships aligned with their career goals.

Businesses that host Pathways Program students are often pleasantly surprised by the benefits to their own organization. They can experience community goodwill, inspired employees, and even improved employee retention.

“The internships helped me to further my education and my career goals… I was able to learn more about myself and my interests through my internships. For example, I learned that the hospitality industry is definitely the right field for me. Quest Forward Academy doesn’t just prepare you for college, they prepare you for the future.”

– Benji, 2019 Graduate of Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa
Pathways Network Member

3 Ways to Participate


Introduce an industry or career topic to students.

  • Host a webinar on tips for getting started in your industry, or what you like to see in an entry-level candidate.

  • Engage employees as panelists in an industry or career discussion with students, showcasing them and their career paths.


Engage your employees as career mentors to engaged students.

  • Lead work sessions with a small group of students.

  • Coach students on career exploration, professionalism, or personal finance.

  • Sessions are held weekly. Participate in just one, or create a series.


Host students as interns or short-term staff.

  • Students are recommended to you based upon their career and industry aspirations to ensure a fit.

  • Get valuable help on short-term or special projects.

  • Make a significant difference in a young person’s career path through internships.

“I would like to commend Quest Forward Academy… for introducing me to 4 of the most well prepared and knowledgeable students whom I have ever had the professional pleasure of meeting!”


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