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Quest Forward Learning enables high schools to offer a transformational combination of academics and skills development to their students and families.

Building on the best insights from learning science research, we designed Quest Forward Learning as the high school program young adults need today.

With a skills-forward curriculum for the core academic requirements of high school, feedback-focused assessments of student work product, and a data-rich technology platform, Quest Forward Learning enables school leaders to transform their schools in a year.

Key Features

  • Project-based curriculum for grades 9–12, designed to fit major academic standards
  • Formative-only, mastery assessment systemdesigned for feedback and growth
  • Integrated technology platform for student-directed learning, mentoring-focused teaching, and differentiated student support
  • Ongoing teacher professional learning and change management support

For School Leaders

As a school leader, you know your students need more than academic content and testing. You know that instead of following instructions, students need to become self-directed learners, developing mastery and key habits and skills.

But transforming a school is tough and implementing a vision for change may seem out of reach.

Quest Forward Learning enables school leaders to adopt student-directed, project-based learning, with mentoring from teachers, in just one school year.

Instead of feeling stuck, you can transform teaching and learning effectively, help students own their education, and enable teachers to mentor students to success.


See how Quest Forward Learning can work to transform your high school in one year.

For Parents and Students

As a parent, you know that your child needs more than memorizing academic content and tests.

As a student, you know that high school is just a stepping stone to further learning and a career that will enable you to live a sustainable, purpose-driven life.

Quest Forward Academies are accredited high schools that prepare students for success in college and career through student-directed learning, skills-forward academics, internships and other career planning activities. They are affordable at any income level, and an optimal solution for teenagers who want more from their high school experience.

A high school student smiles brightly while having a discussion with a classmate at Quest Forward Academy in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Quest Forward Academy Omaha, the Forward-Thinking High School

Located on the campus of Bellevue University, Quest Forward Academy Omaha offers a full high school education to motivated students, dual enrollment at Bellevue University and other colleges in Omaha, and college and career planning through each year of its program.

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A female student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa smiles slightly while she focuses and carefully pours a liquid into a beaker.

Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Based in the heart of Santa Rosa, California, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa draws diverse, motivated high school students with skills-forward academics approved by the UC system, dual-enrollment options at community and state colleges and universities, and career planning across each year of its program.

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Students at Girard College High School

Girard College High School

Girard College High School is part of Girard College, a venerable boarding school located in downtown Philadelphia on a historic 43-acre campus. The high school offers Quest Forward Learning as the core program across all four years.

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A young, female nurse or doctor smiles while staring out window in hospital hallway and holding a digital tablet.

Support from Education into Career

With the Pathways Program, we support students from their first day in high school into two years of their chosen career.

Starting with early exploration of possible career paths, students work through several internships and develop essential habits and skills needed for success in the workplace. Graduates join the Pathways Network and receive mentoring and counseling through post-secondary education and into their first job.

Figuring out their path from high school into a sustainable, purposeful career is challenging for young people. The Pathways Program supports them through every step.


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A smiling Quest Forward Academy mentor leads a discussion with a group of students.