Chris Heiman

Science Mentor

Christopher Heiman, Mentor at Quest Forward Academy Omaha


Born and raised in Kansas, I came to Nebraska initially for my last two years of college and (after a bit of time in other states) have lived in Omaha for the past eleven-plus years.

Both of my parents were educators, giving me an up-close look at the motivations, challenges, and rewards of the profession. What I saw then still serves as inspiration for me to this day. 

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

The ‘20-’21 school year is my first at QFA, and I am mentoring sections of FP, EP1, and EP2 science. Additionally, I am the sponsor of Sports Club.

As a science mentor, it is my goal to find ways to make the content relevant to students’ everyday lives. In doing so, I look for ways to share my own curiosity in hopes that they will be more likely to ask “why” and “how” about the world around them.

  • B.S. in Physical Science Education
  • M.S. in Educational Psychology
  • M.S. in Instructional Technology
Before Quest Forward Academy
  • I have 20 years of previous teaching experience (Wichita, KS; Las Vegas, NV; Elkhorn, NE)
  • I was a varsity coach, primarily for baseball (four years head coach, nine years an assistant) but also basketball and football.
  • I spent three summers as the Athletic Director for baseball with Sports Ambassadors, an educational overseas travel organization for middle- and high-school students that promoted international athletic competition. I was a coach for three prior summers.
  • I spent two years as an energy consultant prior to QFA.
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