Ed Vogel

English Mentor


I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and currently reside just outside of Bennington. As a writer, I know the weight that words carry. I became a teacher to help students become thoughtful readers, intentional writers, and informed thinkers.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

My primary role is as an English Mentor for Exploration Phase 1 and Exploration Phase 2. I also teach the electives Creative Writing and Film Study.

Outside of the classroom, I work as the Poetry Slam Coach, Global Leadership Program Coordinator, Ambassador Program Coordinator, and lead the Journalism/Social Media Club.

I enjoy helping students develop critical thinking skills and explore creative outlets. I enjoy that our focus at Quest Forward Academy Omaha is helping students learn how to think, not what to think.

  • BS Secondary Education & English/Language Arts
  • MA English
  • MFA Writing (Expected graduation date 2021)
Before Quest Forward Academy
  • English teacher at Omaha Northwest High School from 2012-2018
  • Senior Editor at Fine Lines Literary Journal from 2014-2016
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