Lauren Dombrowski

Director of Recruitment


I originally got into college admissions because it sounded fun! It didn’t take long to see that my effort to help prospective students was meaningful to both me and the students I served. Being from Omaha, I am excited to help families in my community learn about Quest Forward Academy.  

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I joined Quest Forward Academy in 2019. My role involves individually visiting with prospective students and their families to help them decide if Quest Forward Academy is the right fit for the student and to assist them with school and scholarship applications. I also participate in Academy events whenever possible to show my support for our students and staff.

  • BS Business Administration
  • MS Management and Leadership
Before Quest Forward Academy

Prior to joining the Academy, I spent 10 years in college admissions. I spent a good chunk of that time coaching and training a team of admissions advisors on best practices for advising students effectively. I also worked with military enrollment, pre- and post-licensure nursing programs, and all graduate program enrollment.

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