Emily Conway


Emily Conway, Administrator at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa


I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life and attended both Santa Rosa Junior College and UC Berkeley. In that time, I further cultivated my lifelong passion for language and literature. When not wrapped up in wordplay, I’m often outside hiking, camping, or swimming.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy
  • Administrator
  • BA in English from UC Berkeley
Before Quest Forward Academy

Prior to joining the Quest Forward Academy team, I have worn a number of hats as a freelance editor, children’s book specialist, teacher’s assistant, query reader, and more. In every prior, or still-ongoing position, I have needed a keen eye for detail, which I am glad to bring to the QFA community in order to help keep things running smoothly in the background for the mentors to cultivate the best learning environment possible for our students.

Why I chose to work here

I chose to work at Quest Forward Academy because I believe that smaller class sizes makes for a more compelling teaching environment. Additionally, I love Quest Forward Academy’s dedication towards helping students grow as people both in and beyond high school, wherever their life takes them.


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