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4 Years

College & Career Counseling

6 Years

Post-High School Support

Is Your Child Academically Advanced?

And does a personalized education sound like a great fit for your student?

Then Quest Forward Academy is the right fit for you.

Our students immerse themselves in a rich, relevant curriculum of project-based learning. We help students find their purpose while gaining the mindset, habits, and skills to realize that purpose successfully.

We are now accepting 9th Grade applications. Let’s plan your path beyond high school together!

Why Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa?

"I value the modern, supported, and beneficial approach to learning most at QFA. Many aspects of the learning environment, from no homework to calling mentors by their first name, creates a comfortable and encouraging educational atmosphere where students feel safe and engaged. When at quest I have complete control of my learning journey and I know I always have the ability to work with my mentors to mold my education to fit me, my interests, and my goals.”

— Madi L., Student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

"I value the mentors because they always attempt to incorporate our feedback and help us improve our work.”

— Austin V., Student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

"I value the close-knit, caring community at Quest Forward Academy. Thanks to this community, I am always surrounded by people who I care about and who respect me, making me feel comfortable being completely myself.“

— Lillian S., Student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

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Support from High School to Career

Each student joins the Pathways Program, through which they receive full 4 years of career and college counseling and ACT/SAT preparation. Each student also participates in 2 or more internships off-campus.

When students graduate from Quest Forward Academy, they will receive an additional 6 years of counseling support through their choice of college, trade school, the military, or a job with training opportunities and into 2 years of their first job, to ensure their success in those steps.