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The Hands-Off Mentoring Approach

The role of a mentor in Quest Forward Learning can make or break a student’s learning progression. As a mentor, you bring to the table a unique combination of expertise and experience that is unlike any other mentor in your program,... Read More

Remembering the Beginning: The 2015 Summer Design Workshop

In 2015, the summer before my senior year of college, I applied for what I thought was a position as a typical camp counselor. I expected to spend my summer repeatedly yelling “No running on the pavement!” Opportunity Education... Read More

A Distinct Form of Mentoring and Instructing

Mentors in Quest Forward Learning are committed to facilitating learning, rather than just providing educational content, and it’s often unclear how instruction can fit into the mentoring approach. However, in reality, mentoring and... Read More

Five Creative Ways to End Your School Year with Engagement

The end of the school year can be the most rewarding time of year for both mentors and students if we make a few simple adjustments to the classroom. Here are some tips to end your school year joyfully and with high engagement.... Read More

Our Vision For Mentoring

The Quest Forward Vision for Mentors describes how mentors can help young people grow and expand their academic, social, and personal skills.... Read More

Bellevue University: Thinking by Design

Students at Bellevue University explore design thinking through a quest-based university course.... Read More

Powerful Changemaker, or Powerful Distraction?

All too often, schools don’t use the introduction of new technology as a way to also rethink their approach to teaching and learning.... Read More

Students Explore Counterculture with Quest Forward Learning

Students at Burrell High School use NGL for an interdisciplinary project on Vietnam Era America.... Read More