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Get Active!

Picture yourself in a classroom where students are not sitting at desks listening to a teacher lecture, but instead are moving around conducting experiments, collaborating with their peers, and asking each other thought-provoking... Read More

Research Brief: Personalized Learning

The Quest Forward Research and Evaluation Team conducts research that informs every aspect of Quest Forward Learning - training, curriculum and quest design, implementation, mentoring, and product design. Going forward, we will share... Read More

The Role of Practice in a Post-Memorization World

Practice is an essential part of learning, so how can we provide learners with the right kinds of practice, no matter what the subject is? Here are some recommendations for authentic and engaging practice.... Read More

What Did You Make at School?

One of the NGL design principles focuses on the importance for students to make and create. The term creating can refer to a broad range of activities, including note-taking, mind-mapping, and essay-writing, but it can also extend to... Read More

Project-Based Learning, or Just a Project?

Projects are on the top of our minds right now as the Quest Forward Research and Learning Design team creates quests built around design challenges and opportunities for original research and inquiry. One question I frequently ask is,... Read More