You Need Better Tools For
Engaging Your Students

Teachers Know: Engaged Students Learn More and Perform Better

Most teachers agree that engaged students are more effective learners. And yet, more than ever students are disengaged in their classes, and helping them succeed is challenging.

With Quest Forward Learning, teachers gain effective methods and tools to engage students with any curriculum, enabling more effective teaching and better learning outcomes.

Active Learning is Essential

Research shows that students regularly sit passively for too many hours in school each day, driving boredom and disengagement. Getting students active in the classroom delivers many benefits, and makes teaching more enjoyable.

With Quest Forward Learning, teachers gain effective methods and tools for activating learning and differentiating instruction, helping each student find their own optimal pace.

Practicing Skills Makes Learning Relevant

Too often, students wonder how their learning relates to their life outside of school. When teachers incorporate practicing relevant skills, students are likely to engage more deeply and perform better.

With Quest Forward Learning, teachers gain the ability to integrate relevant learning and work skills in any subject area, helping students succeed academically while growing into focused adults.

Feedback Drives Performance

For students to learn from their work (including their mistakes), they need feedback when the work happens. However: most teachers don’t have time to provide individualized feedback on authentic student work, and need to rely on quizzes and tests instead.

With Quest Forward Learning, teachers gain easy-to-use digital feedback tools that help students improve their work iteratively, achieving beyond their typical limits.

Quest Forward Learning Enables More Engagement

Quest Forward Learning was designed to meet the needs of today’s teachers and students. Supported by its method and digital tools, students learn actively, practice relevant skills and improve with real-time teacher feedback.

Two students work on a hands-on project, holding a piece of cardboard, tubing, and a ruler.

Active Learning Method

A differentiated, mentored instructional approach that helps students achieve content mastery and gain learning process skills through projects, group work, and regular formative assessments.



A custom-built, method-aligned learning management system for teachers, students and parents to access curriculum materials, track engagement and progress, and manage feedback and assessments easily.

Optional Projects

A custom-designed, project-based high school curriculum for English, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Science, which can serve as primary or supplemental materials across 9th through 12th grade.


Professional Learning

Teachers have access to year-round support for enhancing their practice in face-to-face workshops, remote events, and local coaching. Continuing education credits are available for our events from Midland University.

“The approach to build skills removes the us vs. them mentality that can stubbornly exist between students and teachers.”

– Ed Vogel, Assistant Director and Teacher, Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Support for your Classroom
and School

Quest Forward Learning is available to public, charter, and independent schools, and works well in any setting. It fits into standard or block schedules, integrates with any curriculum, and delivers grades and much more data to support student growth.

Typically, schools adopt Quest Forward Learning for all subject areas, to support teachers effectively and to help students engage better across all classes.
Each teacher has access to extensive face-to-face professional learning, remote workshops, digital resources, and peers to make the shift into active, engaged learning enjoyable and effective.

“I was shy at my last school, it was hard for me to ask for help and to be myself. I think that getting to work with other students in small groups and working 1:1 with my mentors has helped me to become comfortable enough to be more outgoing and to take the lead in groups.”

– McKinley, Student, Quest Forward Academy Omaha

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