Opportunity Education Knows: It Takes a Community

Instilling confidence and capability in every student requires a community effort. We know the classroom is a crucial space for active learning and skills development, so we create resources and tools that make it accessible for every student.
We serve teachers, students, and parents so high school can be a transformative experience that equips individual students with the skills they need to lead successful careers and lives.

Teachers Know: Engagement Drives Learning

You know that engaged students take ownership of their learning. You make your best efforts to engage them, but curricula standards aren’t designed to support this level of engagement in your classroom. How do you meet standards and create better outcomes for your students?

Active Learning is Essential

Engaged students make teaching moments more enjoyable and produce better outcomes, including better performance. Quest Forward Learning equips you with tools that support active learning and differentiation so students learn at their pace.

Practicing Skills Makes Learning Relevant

Incorporating skills practice helps students to more deeply engage with the material. Quest Forward Learning helps you identify and integrate relevant skills practice across subjects so students become capable and focused in their interests.

Feedback Drives Performance

For students to learn from their work (including their mistakes), they need feedback when the work happens. With Quest Forward Learning, teachers gain easy-to-use digital feedback tools that help students improve their work iteratively, achieving beyond their typical limits.

How we help

Quest Forward Learning is multifaceted support so you can engage in active learning with ease. The method and tools are designed for active engagement between you and your students.

You will have access to extensive face-to-face professional learning, remote workshops, digital resources, and peers to create the capacity for consistent active learning in your classroom. You will experience better outcomes as students engage their learning, practice relevant skills, and improve their performance with real-time feedback. 

Quest Forward Learning is available to public, charter, and independent schools, and is accessible in any setting. It’s compatible with standard or block schedules, and can merge with any curriculum to meet your classroom’s individual needs. And it delivers data that better informs grades and supports student growth.

Active Learning Method

A differentiated, mentored instructional approach that helps students achieve content mastery and gain learning process skills through projects, group work, and regular formative assessments.


Digital Tools

A custom-built learning management system to simplify integration. Teachers, students and parents can access curriculum materials, track engagement and progress, and manage feedback and assessments easily.

Lesson Planning Resources

Materials designed by teachers to customize your lesson plans and regularly implement skill builder activities, group work, projects,  and more.


Professional Learning

Year-round support to enhance your practice in face-to-face workshops, remote events, and local coaching. Continuing education credits are available for our events from Midland University.

Students Know: High School is a Launchpad

You want to explore your curiosities and interests. High school should be a space for you to explore and build skills relevant to your interests. Yet, most high schools ask students to learn information for a test instead of learning the skills required to create and problem-solve. 

If this learning style is your experience you are not alone. Only 34% of high school seniors are actively or passively engaged in their learning according to Gallup’s research of nearly 1 million students.

A mentor smiles with two students working at a table.

A teacher collaborates with two students at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa.

A graph shows student engagement at Quest Forward Learning schools significantly higher than at high schools nationwide as reported in Gallup surveys.

Latest available Gallup Student Poll data vs. Quest Forward Academy (Omaha and Santa Rosa) 2021–22 12th grade students

Schools using Quest Forward Learning report that 65% of their students are highly engaged and 33% are fully engaged. Regular feedback plays a critical role in this. On average, students receive constructive feedback four times per week for their assignments, and 16 times per week for skill-building practices. 

Feedback will empower you to grow your skills and interests, and ultimately own your version of success in school and beyond.

Future Focused

The Pathways Program helps you to discover your path to success in a chosen career. We support you in identifying and choosing the path that will expand your skills, be it college, career education, the military, or on-the-job training. You deserve support to pursue the pathway that is best for you. 

After identifying your strengths and interests, you will apply them in real work experiences to gain practice. These experiences include internships, shadowing opportunities, and guest speakers on a variety of topics. You will also gain relevant work and life skills including personal finance, building a resume and LinkedIn profile, and more.

The Pathways Program is accessible in most schools that offer Quest Forward Learning.

Pathways Program participant Graysen sits at his internship desk reviewing a building's electrical plans.

“Before, I had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to go… And then I did my internship and I learned about electrical work. I kind of fell in love with that. It’s definitely set me up pretty well.”




What students say

What Students Like about Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa (CA)

Choices and Opportunities at Quest Forward Academies

What Students Like About Quest Forward Academy Omaha (NE)

Parents Know: Engagement Drives Success

You want your child to succeed in school and to be prepared for life beyond it. High school is a critical juncture if they are to be best equipped for their chosen career path. Despite this, less than 40% of students are engaged in their learning by senior year according to Gallup. 

Students are bogged down in irrelevant content, lock-step classrooms, and too many tests. Deep learning and success occur when students are actively discovering, practicing, receiving feedback, and refining their skills.

High school should prepare your child to explore and adapt because many careers require these skills, including coding, the arts, music and sports. 

Quest Forward Learning is designed to seamlessly integrate in your child’s classroom and across  any subject. Schools using this program have remarkable results with students active engagement and performance.   


A graph displays engagement data for grades 5-12 nationally is far lower than Quest Forward Learning student engagement.

Engagement data from Gallup Student Polls vs. Quest Forward Academies in Omaha, NE and Santa Rosa, CA.

99% of high school seniors using Quest Forward Learning during the 2021–22 academic year were fully engaged in their work (compared to 34% in Gallup’s nationwide poll). Engagement is a key predictor of academic outcomes.


Quest Forward Academy students have received over $1.5 million in higher education scholarships this year and have been accepted into prestigious universities.

2022 college admissions include Creighton University, George Washington University, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, Macalester College, Northwestern University, Occidental College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Reed College, St. John’s College, Stanford University, Swarthmore College, University of California (Berkeley, San Diego), University of Nebraska, Whitman College, and many more!

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