Midland University

We’re pleased to partner with Midland University to provide educators with the opportunity to enhance their skills and practices while earning credits that can be applied toward advanced degrees, endorsements, certificates and continuing education (CE). 

Building on research that has shown a strong correlation between a student’s level of engagement and their academic performance, we’re offering several courses that will help teachers plan, integrate and practice active learning strategies in their classrooms.

In each course, participants will choose from several focus areas — project design, student collaboration, flexible pacing, differentiation, and flipped classroom spaces — and will create a personalized collection of resources to use with students. With support from our Professional Learning team, participants will demonstrate mastery of their specific concentration through a final project focused on either educational leadership or instructional design. 

These courses are available online and teachers from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Teachers who complete these courses will earn graduate credits from Midland University. These credits are fully transferable to many colleges and universities, making this program a great way for teachers to advance themselves professionally while earning ongoing education credits. Learn more about Midland.

“Midland University is a proud partner of Opportunity Education. Together, we offer accessible professional learning opportunities for educators across the globe. I could not be more thrilled that Opportunity Education, together with Midland University, is offering customized professional learning experiences focused on active and skills-based learning strategies for teachers. As a result, teachers will empower students from all over the world to take ownership of their learning.”

– Jody Horner, President, Midland University