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Student Spotlight: Red

Red is a student at Quest Forward High School (QFHS) in Omaha. They have so much enthusiasm for the school, and the active learning and engagement strategies used by their teachers. Check out the conversation I had with Red to get a... Read More

Empowering Educators and Students: A Visit to the Florida State Capital

Opportunity Education supports educators in their quest to engage and empower students through active learning and effective feedback. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Florida State Capitol to strengthen future... Read More

Embracing AI for More Engaging Learning

I’m going to begin this post with a confession. I have had reservations about artificial intelligence (AI) in the past. I started out with an open mind in the early days of AI. At that time there were lighthearted AI stories... Read More

Resource Spotlight – Journey to Effective Feedback

Nearly half of all teachers leave the profession within the first five years. This statistic isn’t just scary for principals looking to fill positions. Evidence shows that the benefit to students increases dramatically when... Read More

Five Essential Habits for School, Career, and Life

We believe that young people need five essential habits to thrive in school, career, and life. Opportunity Education's Pathways Curriculum supports students as they cultivate these habits. We call them “habits,” because they... Read More

Teacher Spotlight: Mara Armenta

As a science teacher at Quest Forward High School (QFHS) Santa Rosa, Mara Armenta uses active learning strategies to engage students in the work they do as scientists. Check out our conversation below and discover a few of the ways... Read More

Umm, What About Feedback?

As a former teacher, it can be….tricky… to navigate my own kids’ experiences with feedback in school. For example, I recently received the following email from my son’s English teacher:  “I don’t return practice or... Read More

Teacher Spotlight – Pierina Ferrero Khoury

Pierina Ferrero Khoury has been an educator for 11 years. She started as a secondary English Teacher and currently supports Kindergarten students as a Special Education Teacher. As a member of Opportunity Education’s Teacher... Read More

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