Technology tools that power active, skills-forward teaching and learning.

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Too many high school students today are disengaged from their learning. They don’t see how it will impact their lives, either now or in the future. What students need instead is relevance, engagement and real-life skills development.

You read about it every day: schools being forced to choose between focusing on their most talented students or on those furthest behind. It shouldn’t be that way. Schools should be able to do both — well.

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Screenshots from the Quest Forward LMS show student progress in a math course, as well as a detail of a bridge-building project quest.


Engage students with:

  • Academics that are relevant to students’ lives

  • Real-world skills development that is measurable

  • Individualized, personalized learning pathways and support for each student

  • Detailed performance data on students, courses, and teachers in real-time, so that teachers know the precise progress of each student

Higher quality learning experiences for students — and more rewarding teaching for teachers.

Unlike other solutions that simply seek to make instruction efficient, Quest Forward Learning is focused on individual students learning better.

While learning has become a one-size-fits-all approach where many students struggle, Quest Forward Learning provides agency to each student.

Personalized pacing and individual feedback-driven assessments enable students to engage at their own level, expand their skills, and succeed academically.

Watch: Students talk about how Quest Forward Learning inspires them to keep learning and improve upon their work (2:22).

A smiling student examines a truss she built for a bridge-building project at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa.

A student examines a truss she built for a bridge-building project at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa.

Project-based learning in every class, with formative assessments built in.

Trying to make an LMS work the way you want can be a time-consuming challenge. Quest Forward:

  • Offers courses in any subject with a project-based, skills-forward approach
  • Empowers student-driven learning in every class
  • Optimizes student support with individualized, personalized tracking
  • Uses real-time formative assessments of student work product and process
  • Automates grading and progress reporting

Feedback Forward

Learn more about our new browser extension and workspace that empowers teachers to provide students with direct feedback on the goals that matter most for their classes.


“What Quest allows you to do is measure some of the things that are really tough… in a really digestible way. I can talk with the student, their teacher, and their parent about their learning.”

– AJ Ernst, Dean of High School, Girard College
A screenshot from the Quest Forward LMS displays a sampling of courses offered in the Quest Forward curriculum.

Use the comprehensive, standards-aligned Quest Forward curriculum…

Project-based learning unlocks engagement, develops real-world learning and work skills, and builds competence across the curriculum.

The Quest Forward LMS includes a complete project-based curriculum for high school math, science, social sciences, and English. All courses exceed national standards, using a wide variety of real-world material. Innovative projects encourage active participation rather than passive memorization.

…and add your own.

Using Quest, you can also build your own courses from the ground up, using any available digital resource.

Our system makes it easy to teach what you want, how you want, when you want, without having to sacrifice quality for conformity.

A screenshot of the Quest Forward LMS displays a window that enables teachers to add curriculum resources to existing lessons.

Watch: Comprehensive support for teachers makes Quest Forward Learning adoption possible (1:26).

A Practical Solution

If you are using other learning management systems and curriculum, you’re likely frustrated by poor usability and a framework that doesn’t quite fit. Quest offers well-designed core features tailored to your school.

All licenses include individualized professional learning and change management support to make the adoption seamless and successful. And unlike other systems, the Quest Forward Learning includes a complete high school curriculum.

Support Every Step of the Way

Changing your LMS can be complicated. But freeing your teachers and students from outdated, inflexible systems is liberating.

We built our adoption process on best practices in change management, and we provide support at every level: logistics and technology; teacher professional development; curriculum adaptation; student communication; and results-based measurements.

As a result, we can help you adopt the Quest Forward Learning in as little as three months.

“Students get to focus on the skills that are going to help them with their futures. Whether they’re going to a career or to a traditional university, they’re going to have a skill set that makes them better self-learners. And so, I go to my job every day really looking forward to what the day brings.”

– Ed Vogel, Mentor and Mentor Coach, Quest Forward Academy Omaha

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