Resources To Engage Students and Improve Learning

We provide a wide variety of lesson planning resources, professional learning courses and software solutions to help teachers engage their students and improve learning outcomes.

Lesson Planning Resources

Templates and Examples

These easily customizable templates, organizers, and examples bring active and skills-forward activities into your classroom no matter your content.

Project and Unit Builders

Build skills-forward projects and units with your own content and learning goals. These project and unit builders lead you through a backwards design process to create intentional learning experiences focused on active learning and effective feedback.

Active Learning Activities

Sometimes our students don’t get as excited about our subject as we do. To help you spark some of that passion in your students, try one of our activities. Each incorporates active learning strategies, real-world skill development, and engaging out-of-the-box work.

Skill Builders

Help your students develop relevant, important skills with these customizable lesson plans that are ready for any classroom, no matter what you teach.


Professional Learning Resources

Grab-and-Go Professional Learning Sessions

Support colleagues in your department who want to incorporate more active learning strategies. These session guides help make the strategy a reality with tangible examples. Try one in your next professional development session or team meeting.

How-Tos and Overviews

When you only have a few moments for independent professional learning, these are the guides for you. Learn more about practices that can make a big difference, along with the practical tips and first small steps you need to try new strategies in a busy classroom.


Teaching Tools

Feedback Forward

Feedback Forward is a free browser extension that empowers teachers to provide students with direct feedback on the goals that matter most for their classes.

Giving students meaningful, real-time feedback encourages them to become more actively engaged in their learning. This type of open communication allows students to revise their work and adjust their thinking while still involved in a project. And by tracking engagement, teachers can also respond on the fly to their students’ progress and needs.

With auto-generated grades, customizable visualizations and seamless integration into the Clever system, Feedback Forward enables teachers to focus on engaging their students rather than grading them.


Hear directly from high school teachers who actively use the Quest Forward Workspace every day.

“Students can see where they’re at and are able to see the feedback that I give them… Everything is laid out for them from the start. So I like it a lot. I’ve never had anything like this.”

Rachel, English Teacher
Omaha, NE

“I think it’s very empowering… it lets me know that I’m growing. With grades, you might get an A or a B or a C, but it doesn’t show growth necessarily. With this system… it shows, hey, I grew on that assignment.”

Paa Yaw, Student
Omaha, NE

“My relationship with my students is incredible I’m able to collaborate with them, I’m able to get them on board with my teaching. It doesn’t feel like work, it’s actually fun. I look forward to every class.”

Max, Social Sciences Teacher
Santa Rosa, CA

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