Active learning and skills growth for your students is possible — and doable — with the right tools and support.

With the increasing demands of a busy classroom, it can be tough to incorporate active learning practices, differentiation, and intentional skill development into your students’ assignments as much as you’d like to.

Our professional learning services and teaching resources help you to:

  • Support active, student-driven learning
  • Offer your students rich feedback on academic work and skills practice (and ease the grind of grading)
  • Understand each student’s engagement trends and help them engage more 
  • Bring more real-world skills practice into the curriculum

The result: You can simplify the complexity of differentiated instruction and spend more time enjoying teaching and helping students grow.

Free Resources

Active Learning Activities

Sometimes our students don’t get as excited about our subject as we do. To help you spark some of that passion in your students, try one of our activities. Each incorporates active learning strategies, real-world skill development, and engaging out-of-the-box work.

Printer-to-Practice Lesson Plans

Get the resources that match your needs in the classroom, whether it’s differentiating better, incorporating more flexible pacing, or giving students more agency and choices in their learning.


Professional Learning

Grab-and-Go Sessions

Whether for your department or for yourself, select from a wide range of customizable activities and resources to troubleshoot or improve your practices, from lesson planning to engagement interventions. Each activity is designed for immediate use with limited preparation.

How-Tos and Overviews

When you only have a few moments for independent professional learning, these are the guides for you. Gain practical tips that can make a big difference and how to try new strategies in a busy classroom.


Teaching Tools

The Quest Forward Workspace offers tools for teachers specifically designed to make active, skills-forward learning easier.


Provide targeted, rich feedback to each student on their academic work as well as their skills practice and growth. Feedback Forward also proposes grades on student work based on the feedback you give, reducing the time and effort required to support your students and complete grading requirements.


Quest enables project and mastery learning with projects for grades 9-12 designed around widely used standards in English, Math, Social Sciences, and Science. With Quest, you can use existing projects, modify as needed, or build your own from scratch. Quest also supports fast formative feedback, mastery assessment for academics and skills, and helps you track and understand student engagement.

Engagement Forward

Manage your students’ engagement in their learning, both in class and at home. Observe trends in students’ engagement or by unit or by individual student, enabling you to focus your support and course-correct to keep your students motivated, inspired, and enjoying learning.

Skills Forward

Create and apply a custom skills framework to your existing curriculum to ensure your students are growing important learning and work skills as they work. Or, apply our ready-to-go framework of learning skills and work skills.

Learn more about the Learning Workspace and its tools.


Hear directly from high school teachers who actively use the Quest Forward Workspace every day.

“Students can see where they’re at and are able to see the feedback that I give them… Everything is laid out for them from the start. So I like it a lot. I’ve never had anything like this.”

Rachel, English Teacher
Omaha, NE

“I think it’s very empowering… it lets me know that I’m growing. With grades, you might get an A or a B or a C, but it doesn’t show growth necessarily. With this system… it shows, hey, I grew on that assignment.”

Paa Yaw, Student
Omaha, NE

“My relationship with my students is incredible I’m able to collaborate with them, I’m able to get them on board with my teaching. It doesn’t feel like work, it’s actually fun. I look forward to every class.”

Max, Social Sciences Teacher
Santa Rosa, CA

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