We help teachers make active, engaged learning possible every day.

Making classes active, engaging, and skills-focused is a daily challenge for any teacher. Finding new ways to motivate students to learn is tough in today’s busy classrooms.

We support teachers with effective strategies, resources, and tools for engaging students in active learning and focused skills practice.

Support for Busy Teachers

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Lesson Planning Resources

We develop materials to help you deepen active, skills-focused learning for your students. Our materials come complete with teacher facilitation guides, activity ideas, templates, and more.


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Professional Learning

Teachers need support from other teachers. We provide support for active, skills-focused learning with easy-to-use professional development resources, workshops and custom. Whether on your own or with your colleagues, you can choose how to enhance your teaching practice.


A boy focuses on a robotics project

Tools for Active Learning

Use one or more of our learning tools — or the entire Quest Forward Learning Workspace — to offer your students engaging projects, fast formative feedback, targeted skills development, and more.


“Opportunity Education offers us really useful templates that coach us for effective student conversations. With this preparation, I know what I’m looking for in my work with each student. We now have great discussions about what they need to do to achieve their goals.”

– Rachel R., English Teacher, Omaha

School Programs

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Quest Forward Learning

Making learning active can be challenging. Quest Forward Learning provides strategies and tools for integrating active learning, student agency, and project-based learning into busy classrooms.

An aerial picture of Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Quest Forward Academies

Quest Forward Academies are high schools designed around active, student-centered learning using projects, reflection, and rich feedback to help students learn and grow.

A college graduate in cap and gown smiles alongside the Pathways Program logo

Pathways Program

Students need more than academics – they need to understand their career options, their own strengths, and they need to develop the professionalism required to succeed in the workplace. The Pathways Program enables high schools to help students identify, develop, and pursue a path to their best-fit career.

A graduate speaks at the 2021 commencement ceremony for Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Opportunity Education Logo

Opportunity Education is a non-profit organization that empowers teachers with research-backed resources and support to help their students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Since 2005, Opportunity Education has supported teachers with better, student-focused resources. We pursue a vision of motivated students inspired to continue learning for the rest of their lives, empowering them to thrive in adulthood.

Opportunity Education’s methods and tools are used in schools around the world, helping teachers support active learning, and students in developing the skills they need to succeed.


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