School Details

Name: Catholic Nursery and Primary School Ndu


P.O. Box 135
Kumbo, Northwest Region

Phone Number:

OEF School Id: 217952
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Catholic Nursery and Primary School Ndu was established in 1978 by the Catholic Education Agency in the Diocese of Kumbo in Northwest Cameroon. It was set up to serve the needs of the of Ndu, which is predominantly Baptist. Ndu is a rural community - most of the population are farmers with a few small traders. The school is a private, non-profit organization, catering today (10/15) for 232 students from nursery through to Primary 6. A staff of 8 teachers makes use of the school's 8 classrooms. The primary income of the school is the fee of 10,000 CFA francs (approximately $17) per student each year but collection is very difficult. Many children are orphans and many parents struggle to afford the fees which can lead to teachers not being paid for months. Several government schools, which do not charge fees, have recently been established in the area and this has led to a drop in enrollment. Despite these challenges the school is proud to perform well in sports, especially football and handball, and in public examinations. The school wishes to develop a library and would like to improve security through the fortification of windows and doors.

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