Secondary Education

We address the three major challenges in secondary education with student-directed learning, skills-forward curriculum, and effective technology.

Worldwide, students learn passively, memorize content, and sit through test after test without benefit to them. This approach may have worked in the past, but it fails most young people today in their effort to achieve a sustainable, purposeful life and career.

Quest Forward Learning is a comprehensive program that enables school leaders to transform their schools for effective, skills-oriented learning, feedback-driven assessment, and better performance management.

A Vision for Learning

Opportunity Education founder, benefactor, and CEO Joe Ricketts discusses his vision for solving secondary education’s deepest problems with Quest Forward Learning.

Secondary Education

A student focuses on a robotics project at a US Quest Forward Academy.

United States

To succeed in a rapidly changing world, teenagers today need more than rigorous academics: they need habits and skills for life-long learning, for problem solving and innovation, for resilient collaboration, and more.

Quest Forward Learning powers high schools with a project-based high school curriculum, feedback-driven assessment system, and a student-directed approach to teaching and learning.

With Quest Forward Learning, school leaders can transform their schools in a year, and parents to offer their children a best-fit path through high school into a sustainable life and career.

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A mentor stands at the center of a colorful, active Quest Forward classroom in Tanzania.


Do you want to follow the Tanzania National Syllabus for secondary schools, and focus on student-centered learning and skills development?

With Quest Forward Learning, we offer the first-ever digital curriculum for the required nine subjects in Tanzania. The curriculum is fully aligned with the National Syllabus, and students and teachers use it on inexpensive Android tablets.

Schools that have adopted the program see impressive gains in student English skills, critical thinking, collaboration skills, and academic performance.

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A smiling Quest Forward Academy mentor leads a discussion with a group of students.