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Founder’s Message

Watch Opportunity Education Founder, Benefactor, and CEO Joe Ricketts describe his perspective on the challenges of education today and his vision for the future of learning.

Introduction to Quest Forward Learning

Learn from Founder and CEO Joe Ricketts about what makes Quest Forward Learning different from traditional education, from the skills-forward curriculum to the personalized, engaging approaches to learning.

Opportunity Education’s Mission

Opportunity Education believes that traditional modes of teaching and learning don’t prepare students for success in learning and work. Built with insights from learning science research, our Quest Forward Learning Program helps high school students learn and succeed.

How to Make an Impact with Active Learning

Hear teachers talk about what active learning means to them, why it’s so important, and how they achieve it in their classrooms.

The Value of Great Feedback

Hear how teachers use feedback to help motivate students to improve and grow.

The Power of Focused Skill Development

Hear how teachers add real-world relevance for their students by integrating focused skill development into their lessons.

Quest Forward Learning Empowers Student Engagement

Learn about how Quest Forward Learning empowers more engaging learning for students and more rewarding teaching for teachers.

Students Explain How Quest Forward Learning Inspires Them to Grow and Improve

Memorizing for tests isn’t learning. Hear students talk about why Quest Forward Learning is different, and why it inspires them to go further with learning.

Comprehensive Support for Teachers Makes Quest Forward Learning Possible

Adopting Quest Forward Learning in your school and achieving remarkable results is doable. Teachers receive comprehensive, continuous support and professional learning from Opportunity Education.

Introduction to Quest Forward Academies

Get to know Quest Forward Academies: high schools where students develop the mindset, habits, and skills for success and are empowered to pursue their passions through a project-based curriculum.

What’s Different About Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Parents and students of Quest Forward Academy Omaha speak about what makes their high school different than others, and how it helps students thrive in unique ways.

Girard College High School’s Transformation with Quest Forward Learning

Hear staff, students, and parents tell the story of how Quest Forward Learning transformed the Girard College High School over the course of just one year.

What Students and Parents Like Best About Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Students and parents talk about the different aspects of Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa that make it the right fit for them, from the encouraging community to the personal attention from mentors.

Learning with Quests

Quests cover traditional academic subjects, but in a way that is engaging and personalized for students.

Why Students Chose Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Two students at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa talk about what appealed to them about their high school, and how the transition to pandemic-driven remote learning was for them.

Why Students Chose Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Two students at Quest Forward Academy Omaha talk about what appealed to them about their high school, and how the transition to pandemic-driven remote learning was for them.

Quest Forward Academy Omaha Parents – Fall 2020

Two Quest Forward Academy Omaha parents discuss what stood out to them about their kids’ high school, including during pandemic-related transitions.

Parent Voices

See parents of Quest Forward Academy students describe their children’s transformational experiences with Quest Forward Learning.

Student Voices

See high school students at the Quest Forward Academies discuss their experience with Quest Forward Learning, how they take ownership of their education, and how they interact with their teachers/mentors.

Teacher Voices

See teachers describe how they work with Quest Forward Learning and how it transforms their role from content-focused instructor to student-focused mentor.

Inside a Quest Forward Academy

At a Quest Forward Academy, students learn more than just academic material — they also practice habits and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Quest Forward in the Classroom

Hear from teachers and students about how Quest Forward Learning enables students to take charge of their education.

Quest Forward Platform in Action

Learn about the methodology, curriculum, and technology that drive Quest Forward Learning.

Skills-Forward Curriculum

The Quest Forward Learning curriculum enables relevant and engaging learning, and helps students to practice essential habits and skills.