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Add Feedback Forward to your browser

Feedback Forward is a Chrome browser extension with a supplementary Workspace that will open as a new tab on your browser. Before you can give feedback with Feedback Forward, you will first need to download and install the browser extension. 

Feedback Forward is compatible with Google Chrome on laptops and computers. Feedback Forward and other browser extensions are not supported on mobile devices or tablets. 

  1. View Feedback Forward in the Chrome Web Store. 

  2. Click “Add to Chrome.” 

  3. A pop-up will explain how Feedback Forward handles user data. Click “Add extension.”

  4. Once Feedback Forward has been added to your browser, click the extension icon on your browser. It looks like a puzzle piece and is to the right of the URL bar. This will display a list of your active extensions.

  5.  You can open Feedback Forward by selecting it from this list. Or, click the push pin beside Feedback Forward to pin it to your browser for quick access.

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