Mtakuja Milestones: Students Make Great Strides

In this, my third year as a mentor, I have seen my students grow drastically as they utilize the Quest Forward Learning platform. The following are ways in which this method has made a positive impact on students at Mtakuja Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania:

Improved Interpersonal Skills

One of the Quest Forward Learning principles states, ‘’We learn better together.” This has given students frequent opportunities to interact with each other and with their mentors through discussions, artifact preparation, role plays, and academic games. This practice has enormously improved communication skills (especially English-language proficiency) as well as built friendly, respectful, and social relationships into our school community.

Technological Advancement

Students at Mtakuja are competent in all aspects of tablets and other associated technological gadgets, due to their daily use of these essential learning tools. The tablets give them access to various sites and applications that are further educative. Students are now, more often than not, able to fix any technical software challenge, and even maintain communications via email or other social networks without any obstacle.

Global Citizenship

Quest Forward Learning has opened doors for Mtakuja students to be exposed to other parts of the globe in the following ways:

  • The recently introduced Global Learning Program, which links Mtakuja  students with their peers at Quest Forward Academy Omaha. Through this program, students are empowered to share their work and culture with their same-year counterparts at a Quest Forward school in the United States.
  • Mtakuja students participate in regular, face-to-face interactions with guests from different parts of the world, such as the United States and Germany, among other countries. They are able to discover the world beyond their geographical boundaries, which then connects them to the global community.  
Mastery of Their Own Learning

Students at Mtakuja have gained the skill of being responsible for their own learning as they interact with Quest Forward content and technology. Each student completes work at their own pace and has learned when, where, and how to practice the knowledge and skills to reach their individual goals.

Personal Growth

The six Essential Habits have impacted students at Mtakuja. These habits act as a mirror, evaluating the growth phases of an individual in achieving and maintaining lifelong skills. At each habit review, students cite a habit that they need to practice with the support and guidance of their mentor.

At Mtakuja, Quest Forward Learning has served as a great motivator for our students, guiding them and initiating positive growth in their habits, mindset, and skills. As a school, we have been proud to witness individual and community growth that has been made possible by the Quest Forward Learning methodology. As we imagine the future for our students, we do so with the pride that they are able to adapt to the changing world around them and add value to their community.


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