Ongoing Outreach in Florida

Katherine Cue-Fuente is our Outreach Director for Florida Schools. Kat recently met with Florida’s new Commissioner of Education and several state legislators to discuss how Opportunity Education can positively impact students across Florida. 

Senator Ana María Rodriguez

During these meetings, Kat heard legislators speak about the need to pair practical, project based learning with real world experiences and opportunities. Kat was excited to demonstrate our Pathways Program, which empowers students to connect their interests with possible careers in a focused, data-driven manner. Pathways is an exciting program that encourages students to begin exploring career options as early as the 9th grade. By 12th grade, Pathways students are participating in internships and part-time jobs that integrate their learning and interests, and are equipped with a career roadmap, professional skills and an understanding of the financial dynamics of their choices. 

In addition to Pathways, Opportunity Education is continuing to build partnerships across Florida. We recently received the first district approval for our charter school partnership with Academica, which will bring our programs and curricula to Mater Academy in Osceola County. Kat has also been exploring opportunities to work directly with Miami-Dade public schools to drive innovation and improve performance. 

Representative Alex Rizo

Lastly, we’re partnering with Gallup to conduct a state-wide student poll to measure the relationship between students’ performance and their learning engagement.  These results will help us better understand and support Florida’s teachers and students as they continue to grow and succeed.

We’re very proud of Kat and the work she’s doing in Florida. We believe our tools can support teachers and students in a way few other innovations can. To learn more about how Opportunity Education can help in your classroom — including free lesson plans and professional learning tools for teachers — visit the Resources page of our website

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