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It’s becoming more difficult than ever to ensure high school students will thrive in life after graduation. To become resilient learning communities that support learning in the digital age, schools need better tools. Not just an app — skills frameworks, assessment methods, and curriculum working together to empower student agency and skill growth, creating more innovative problem-solvers that are well-equipped to handle the world’s challenges.



Student engagement in high school (Gallup, 2015)



Fail to graduate college in 5 years (McKinsey)



Corporations needing different skills (TBD)

Quest Forward Learning is an approach to high school inspired by learning science research, built from the ground up to empower high-value student growth.

School Leaders

With Quest Forward Learning, a school can work face to face, hybrid, remote, or seamless at any time. School leaders have easy access to detailed progression data for each teacher and class, as well as academic and skills growth data on each student, down to each class period, regardless of where the work is taking place. 

[JESS: Pivot the language in this section to speak more directly to school leaders and surface solutions to their challenges.]

“It’s been a game-changer for me. I’m able to see student growth in entirely new, much more robust ways than ever before, and we’re able to pivot on a dime.”

— School Leader, Quest Forward School

“I’m empowering my students to transform into mature young adults every day. Looking back at how I used to teach, it was so wasteful. Now, every moment is optimized for their growth.”

— Name, Teacher, Quest Forward School


With Quest Forward Learning, a teacher can support student agency and differentiate learning with targeted, timely, formative feedback for each student. As mentors, teachers attend to each student’s learning process (not just the results), helping students become resilient, skills-driven learners able to succeed in any context.


With Quest Forward Learning, students can develop the mindset, habits, and skills of effective learners, able to succeed in high school and set themselves up for success in future learning and their chosen career path.

“I try harder now. I know my mentors are there to support me, and that makes me not afraid to try new things, ask for help, and to push myself.”

— McKinley, Student, Quest Forward Academy Omaha
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How Quest Forward Learning Works

Explore a Versatile, Comprehensive Digital Curriculum

You will receive a complete, digital, project-based curriculum that combines rigorous academics with skills frameworks for learning, work, and self-management skills, accessible from anywhere. The core curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science for grades 9 through 12 (plus select electives), all aligned to standards including Common Core.


A preview of the "my quests" screen in the Quest app for students.
A mentor and student work together at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Transform Teachers into Mentors

Teachers develop a mentoring technique that cultivates student-driven learning, provides formative feedback instead of testing, and activates skills development across every subject area. Teachers participate in Opportunity Education led events in the spring and summer, so your team is prepared, confident, and excited for the first day of school.


Gain a Robust Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System supports any learning context — face-to-face, hybrid, remote, or seamless — by providing detailed data on student progression and performance. 

We measure what matters:

  • Student Activity
  • Student Engagement
  • Learning Growth Trends
  • Skills Development Trends


Quest Forward Learning mentors can assess students' artifacts in four categories, using a sliding scale.

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Join a Supportive Community

[“How it works” wouldn’t be complete without that critical ramp-up period and change management support. This section could start off with an extremely brief overview of the adoption process. Or, we could feature a quick overview of the guiding principles/methodology that powers the network.]


Big changes can be hard.

But this one might surprise you.

  • Schools can adopt Quest Forward Learning over the course of just one school year.
  • Working closely with Opportunity Education and a thoughtful, personalized, collaborative adoption plan, you won’t need to wait for results — you’ll begin to notice the benefits immediately.
  • Plus, Opportunity Education provides year-round professional learning support on all aspects of Quest Forward Learning to teachers, staff, and school leaders — not just at the beginning, but always. 

It will be worth it.

[A few sentences are needed here about how graduates of Quest Forward Schools are uniquely well-equipped for the workforce, happier, thriving, confident, prepared to be successful adults, etc. Below, a series of brief statistics to back up this point. Depending upon the data we decide to surface here, this could be an infographic.]

  • 100% Achieved their first-choice Pathway

  • 1,000 Internship Hours

  • 15 Prestigious Awards

  • $1,000,000 in Scholarships

“Quest Forward Academy is a great school for students who like a challenge to their learning. QFA doesn’t just prepare you for college, they prepare you for the future.”

– Benji, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa Graduate

Try Quest Forward Learning.

With the Quest Preview Experience, you will receive access to the digital curriculum and have plenty of time to explore independently and with an Opportunity Education guide. Plus, you will have the opportunity to see how all of the components of Quest Forward Learning come together in live classrooms. We will invite you to Virtual Visit Days at schools actively using Quest Forward Learning, giving you the opportunity to speak with school leaders and teachers and get a more complete preview of this unique learning experience.

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