Students in the Spotlight: Azrielle and Benji

Azrielle, Sophomore, Second year at Quest Forward Academy

Benji, Senior, Second year at Quest Forward Academy

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since you became a student at Quest Forward Academy? Has it gotten easier?

A: I think making friends with new people was the hardest thing about becoming a new student. But as of this year, I think I’ve made really good close friends that I relate to on an academic level and social level.

B: The hardest thing I’ve had to adjust to is coming back to the structured system. At my old school, we had a project every semester. All my classes at this school tied to this project. Coming to Quest Forward Academy, I had to adjust from this project system back to separate classes.     

What do you like best about Quest Forward Academy? How is it different from other schools you’ve attended?

A: I personally really love coming to school every day and being able to go home and share with my family what I’ve done at school that day. The work is manageable, which is really helpful when you want to really understand and research the subject you’re working on.

B: The thing I like best is how motivated students are to get their work done on time. At my previous school, students were less motivated to get the work done, which impeded my learning ability.  

What is your favorite course or quest so far this year? Why?

A: I loved the Nature Course we did this year. Mainly for the science class, because I really feel like that taught me how to find the best value of the product for the least amount of cost. Now I know how to make a large purchase successfully.

B: I don’t really have a favorite course this year. All of my classes are intriguing and have something to offer me.

What is your favorite subject? Has Quest Forward Learning caused you to see or approach it differently?

A: I love Will Billich’s freshman math class the best out of all of my classes, because of how personal he gets with his curriculum. I believe he is the absolute best math mentor I’ve ever had. His amazing, loving energy really shows in the work he gives us, which makes me love learning even more.

B: My favorite subject is science. I have always been fascinated by how things work and interact with the environment around them. Quest Forward Academy definitely helps me approach this subject. Last year I had I lot of fun making cheese, soda, and wine and learning about how these things are made.  

Do you feel supported and challenged at Quest Forward Academy? Do you see yourself becoming a different kind of student?

A: I feel like the mentors here really care about the kind of person I become and that in itself always encourages me to improve myself.

B: I definitely feel supported and challenged. If I want to push myself to do more, Quest Forward Academy allows me to dig deeper into topics that interest me.

How would you rate your study habits/coursework management before Quest Forward Academy, and how is it now? What is your biggest obstacle?

A: My time management skills were horrible at the beginning of last year, and sadly I had to learn the hard way. I ended up attending summer session last year because of it. This year I know now that staying on top of work and trying my best not to turn things in late—so far that has worked for me really well. I feel very satisfied with my grades from the past quarter.

B: I’ve always been someone who works hard and is motivated to get things done. [This school] allows me to push myself academically to achieve the goals I want to achieve. My biggest obstacle is overcoming my laziness to do work. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing schoolwork. Once I get started it’s easy for me to finish, but it’s getting started that’s the tricky part.

What do you see yourself doing more confidently/easily by the end of the school year?

A: I feel like my time management skill is the most improved by far, but it can always constantly improve. I hope by the end of this year that I can choose another skill to exclusively work on the following year to build up my skills the best I can for college.

B: By the end of the school year, I see myself doing math more confidently and easily. Math has been a subject I’ve always struggled in. This school has helped me improve my math ability and has allowed me to feel more confident in solving math problems.
Editor’s Note: Benji has been accepted and has committed to CSU Monterey Bay (Cal State Monterey Bay), his top choice for college.

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