Student in the Spotlight: Bailee

Bailee is a first-year student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha. Because this is her first time wading into the Quest Forward Learning pool, which can be pretty overwhelming, it is an opportune time to discover how she’s adjusting to the platform, as well as how she is starting to refine ideas of herself as a student. We will make contact with Bailee near the end of the school year, to see how far she’s progressed in her mindset and to illuminate one student’s path as she navigates her first year in the Academy. We emailed Bailee for her answers to a series of questions, and here’s what we found out. 

1. What is the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since the school year started? Has it gotten easier?

B: Setting a goal for myself was really weird and hard to remember at first, but now I just set myself a goal.

2. What do you like best about Quest Forward Academy?

B: Working at my own pace and doing something creative like photography for an artifact, instead of writing.

3. What is your favorite course? Why?

B: Who Are You?, because we got to write about a song we like and what it means. I have never had music involved in English class before.

4. What changes did you notice right away from your previous school(s)?

B: The way the classrooms are set up. Instead of it being a big room with desks, it has sofas and tables.

5. What is your favorite subject so far? Has Quest Forward Learning caused you to approach it differently?

B: English. I used to not like writing at all before I went to Quest [Forward Academy], but the quests make it fun to write because you get to write about something that you like.

6. Do you feel supported and challenged at Quest Forward Academy? Are you becoming a different kind of student?

B: I used to be really shy before coming to Quest [Forward Academy], but since there are group quests you get to work with other people. It’s caused me to be a more outgoing person. It is challenging sometimes, but that’s what mentors are there for—to help guide you.

7. Where do you see yourself by the end of next semester? What do want to be doing more easily?

B: I want to be a better writer and not be scared to ask questions. I think math might be easier for me [by then].

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