Get to Know: Aaron, Sophomore

Aaron is a sophomore at Quest Forward Academy Omaha.

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since the school year started? Has it gotten easier?
Aaron: School has been a lot different than what I was doing in homeschooling. As I got into how this school flows, it has gotten easier in time to understand and complete the work.

What do you like best about Quest Forward Academy?
A: I like the way the curriculum is taught and how you can express yourself in the artifacts. The more I continue in this school, the more I seem to enjoy it.

What is your favorite course so far? Why?
A: Markets or Music would be my top two courses from last quarter, but I really like all the courses pretty well. These courses have really caught my attention on what these things can do in my life, and to see the history of how they came to be.

What is your favorite subject? Has Quest Forward Learning caused you to see or approach it differently?

A: My favorite subject would have to be English. Quest Forward Academy has made me see it differently by helping me along the way, to learn writing skills as well as what the quest is teaching.

Do you feel supported and challenged at Quest Forward Academy? Do you see yourself becoming a different kind of student?

A: Yes, I definitely feel supported by the teachers as well as the students that have been kind and helpful on all different occasions. I feel as I continue going to this school I am improving myself while learning the skills for whatever life brings me.

Where do you want to see yourself by the end of next semester? What do you see yourself doing more easily/confidently by then?

A: I see myself being more self-confident and less shy in everything I do. I am a person who will stay back so I would not be called on. But in this school, I have learned to communicate more in groups while making pretty good friends.

Fast Facts

Favorite quest(s) completed: How To Change Sound, Power of Persuasion Pt. 1

Outside hobbies/interests/talents: I absolutely love to play music.

Possible long-term goals/plans/dreams: My goal is to graduate high school and go to college and major in music.

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