Taking to the Airwaves

Mark Smith, School Director at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, joined two local radio programs in Omaha to speak about the unique qualities and strengths of a Quest Forward education. In his interviews, Mark communicated the breadth of the Academy structure and its programs, and explained how it stands as a compelling educational option for students who want to take control of their paths through high school.

In his first interview, for Omaha’s NPR affiliate KIOS, Mark shared the ways in which a Quest Forward Academy differs from your average high school. Between the online curriculum and the teachers who offer individualized mentorship, the students who choose to attend are ready for a new approach to learning.

Mark’s second interview took place during the same week, for NRG Media’s “I & A: Issues and Answers” program. The discussion covered a lot of important ground, beginning with the idea that a high school should impart both academics and the habits and skills that students can harness well beyond school in order to succeed in the workplace and in life. Both Mark and Director of Recruitment, Anita Farwell, spoke about the context of Quest Forward Academy compared to other kinds of high schools, and its plans for expanding their roster of students.

“Each time I tell the Quest Forward story,” Mark commented later, “a consistent response is amazement that a school like this exists. As we are afforded more opportunities to share our story—whether through radio, social media, or other outlets—our hope is that Quest Forward Learning becomes known for advancing the educational conversation both locally and throughout our global network of academies.”

Quest Forward Academy Omaha will hold an Open House on Thursday, July 18 from 6–7:30pm. For more information or to register, click here.

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