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Quest Forward Learning is a high school program that engages students through active learning, skill development, and meaningful feedback.

It was developed by Opportunity Education to incorporate evidence-based pedagogies and strategies backed by decades of research. The results are transformative. Highly engaged students are inspired to grow, and teachers can focus on the rewarding experience of helping students achieve success.

Now onboarding private and charter schools for the 2023-2024 school year.


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Opportunity Education provides tools you need to transform your classroom, including:

A mentor consulting one-on-one with a smiling student in front of a laptop.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools (without Exams)

Lower students’ stress and inspire them to improve with assessment practices that focus on formative feedback and key dimensions of growth.

A screenshot from Quest Forward Learning's integrated learning management system.

Flexible Learning Management System (LMS)

Gain powerful tools for high-quality feedback, skill growth, assessment, and student progress reporting.

 Quest Forward Learning's curriculum is skills-forward, much more than academics — students learn how to learn and work successfully.

9-12 Curriculum of Skills-Focused Projects

Students learn best through solving problems and practicing real-world skills. Use pre-built courses in core subjects and add your own projects, resources, or courses.

Every time you’ve said “There has to be a better way for high school students to learn,” you’ve been right.

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Bored female high school student writing a test in the classroom. Her classmates are around her.

Don’t settle. You can improve your classroom dynamic.

  • Disengaged students don’t learn well, can harm others’ learning, and accelerate teacher burnout.
  • Unhappy parents pull their support.
  • Changing schools is challenging and exhausting.


Transform your classroom in one year.

  • Engage students while growing their skills and critical thinking.
  • Watch parents rave about students’ academic and personal development.
  • Get back to what you love about teaching.

“At Girard, we found that Quest Forward Learning empowers our teachers to focus on student learning instead of delivering content. Project-based learning and feedback-focused assessments reignite curiosity and creativity, elements dormant in students after years of memorizing content and preparing for tests. We got the tools and support to transform into the kind of school our students need to realize that life is theirs to lead.”

— AJ Ernst, Dean, Girard College High School

Here’s how to get started:


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Explore if Quest Forward Learning is a good fit for your school.


Apply for the 2023-2024 school year.

Ready to start transforming your classroom?


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The cover of the ebook by Opportunity Education, titled "Why the Future of Private High Schools is at Risk."

Why the Future of Private High Schools is at Risk

How to Solve the Three Vexing Problems of Private High School Education

by Manuel Mattke, President and COO, Opportunity Education

In this free ebook, learn how Quest Forward Learning is solving the biggest problems school leaders of private high schools face, and how you can approach them in your high school.

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