Webinar: Empower Students to Drive Learning with Goal Setting

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The cover of the slide deck for OE's goal setting webinar, "Empower Students to Drive Learning."

Dream Profile, 9th Grade

Dream Profile, 10th Grade

Weekly Plan Template

Weekly Reflection Template

Daily Plan Template

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Join Opportunity Education to learn how to transform one-size-fits-all goals into differentiated planning at your high school.
Webinar Series for School Leaders: The Quest to Transform High School

About this Event:
Empower Students to Drive Learning

Transform One-Size-Fits-All Lesson Plans into Individualized Learning Goals

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
2:00 – 3:00 pm EST | Zoom

Asking high school students to set their own goals is a challenge (to put it lightly). But when it’s done successfully, students become more independent, ambitious, and better able to self-manage — helping them for the rest of their lives.

In this webinar, we will demo strategies that can empower students to manage their own academic, socio-emotional, and career-focused goals. You will meet educators who are currently using these strategies, and hear them discuss how they can changed the dynamic of learning. You will take with you a toolkit of strategies you can implement in your high school.


  • Kelsey Cain, Director of Professional Learning, Opportunity Education
  • Jolene Zywica, PhD, Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Opportunity Education
  • Meredith Pierson, Science Mentor, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa
  • Sarah Earnest, School Counselor and Pathways Program Lead, Quest Forward Academy Omaha




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