Author: Emily Russin

Get to Know: Emanuel Mrema, Mentor

Emanuel Mrema is a Social Sciences Mentor at Natiro Secondary School in Tanzania. In this profile, he speaks on his experiences as a mentor in Tanzania, including why he became an educator, what he would design a quest on, and his #1... Read More

Get to Know: Eva Minde, Mentor

Eva Minde is a Chemistry and Biology Mentor at Marangu Hills School who speaks on her experience integrating Quest Forward Learning into her classroom. ... Read More

Mentor Spotlight: Eva Minde

How long have you been teaching? Which subjects? How long have you been a Quest Forward mentor? I have been teaching for two years now, in Chemistry and Biology. It has been almost one year now since becoming a Quest... Read More

Get to Know: Aaron, Sophomore

Meet a Quest Forward Academy Omaha student, Sophomore Aaron, as he discusses his experiences so far engaging with Quest Forward Learning.... Read More

The Un-Schooling of Mentor Jordan Bulger

As a first-year mentor, Jordan sees little distinction between his role and that of his students. A lifelong learner with numerous graduate degrees, he celebrates the mentor-student collaboration.... Read More

Meet Boaz Msechu: Mentor by Design

Boaz offers his insights into how quests have played a crucial role in his mentoring decisions and planning—and how the design of quests supports his ability to track student progress and guide them through quest-related activities... Read More

Get to Know: Azrielle, Sophomore, and Benji, Senior

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since you became a student at Quest Forward Academy? Has it gotten easier? Azrielle: I think making friends with new people was the hardest thing about becoming a new student. But... Read More

Students in the Spotlight: Azrielle and Benji

Meet two of Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa students, Sophomore Azrielle and Senior Benji, as they discuss their experiences so far engaging with Quest Forward Learning. ... Read More