Author: Claire Murray

Add and Remove Standard Sets

Add a Standard Set to your Feedback Forward account to use for Fast and Detailed feedback.    Add a Standard Set  Click “Standard Sets” from the left-side menu of Feedback Forward. Click “Add Standard... Read More

Combine Classes Synced through Google or Clever

Combine classes while you set up your account Combine rosters from two or more synced classes as you create your Feedback Forward account. After you have signed into Feedback Forward using a Google Classroom or Clever... Read More

Give Fast Feedback on the Web

You can now give Fast Feedback in your web browser directly at instead of using the extension.  Click the “Give Feedback” located at the top right of any Feedback Forward page.  ... Read More

View Fast Feedback history

View all of your previous Fast Feedback sessions.  Click “All Fast Feedback” from the left-side menu.  You will see all Fast Feedback sessions for the selected date range. From here, you can filter the list in... Read More

Give Fast Feedback to a group of students

Use groups to give Fast Feedback to a select number of students instead of the entire class. You can add students to a group and give feedback to only that group. You can also delete groups or move students between groups without... Read More

View a student’s Fast Feedback Summary

The Fast Feedback Summary in a student’s Insights displays all of the Fast Feedback that you gave to the student.  Click “Insights” from the left-side menu in Feedback Forward.  Filter to an individual student.... Read More

Create a progress monitoring graph with a goal line

Using the Score Trends chart in a student’s Fast Feedback insights enables you to compare a student’s performance to the class’s performance and a target goal.  Click “Insights” from the left-side menu in Feedback... Read More

Academica Schools: Access Feedback Forward from Colegia

All Academica teachers using Feedback Forward will log into Feedback Forward directly from their Colegia dashboard. This will automatically sync your classes and student rosters, and save you from remembering one more password. You... Read More