Give Fast Feedback on the Web

You can now give Fast Feedback in your web browser directly at instead of using the extension. 

  1. Click the “Give Feedback” located at the top right of any Feedback Forward page. 

  2. Enter Fast Feedback details: choose the class, an optional group, and the criterion for your feedback. If you’re already on a Feedback Forward page that is filtered to a class or criterion, they will be pre-selected, but you can modify them if needed. To adjust the feedback session’s date or time, click the blue pencil at the bottom left. 

  3. Click “Next” to record feedback for all students in the class or group that you have selected. You can add an optional comment or mark a student absent as you provide feedback. 

  4. After completing the feedback, click “View Insights” to observe data trends for the chosen class and criterion. From the Insights view, you can explore all insights by clicking “More Insights” or returning to the All Fast Feedback page to review the session history.

  5. You can navigate away from the feedback session at any time, and your feedback will be autosaved. 

  6. You can begin a new Fast Feedback session at any time by clicking “Give Feedback” at the top of the page.

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