Add Criteria for Fast Feedback

Give Fast Feedback on criteria that are relevant to your students and their goals. Criteria could include behaviors (participation, engagement), skills (writing skills, creativity, problem solving, focus), standards, or deliverables. You can use criteria from Standard Sets, or create criteria from scratch. 

Add criteria for Fast Feedback 

  1. Click “Criteria” in the left-side menu of Feedback Forward. Or, start a Fast Feedback session and click the “+” beside Criteria, which will take you to the Criteria page. 

  2. Click “New Criteria” in the top right.

  3. Type the name of the criterion that you would like to give feedback on. As you type, you will see suggestions for criteria from Standard Sets that you have added to your account and criteria that you have created in the past. You click on one of these options to select it or continue typing to create a new criterion. 

  4. You can add an optional description to a criterion you create from scratch. 

  5. You can choose a feedback scale for any criterion or standard, or use the default scale. 

  6. Click “Save.” You can now use this criterion for Fast Feedback. You can add up to 15 Fast Feedback criteria. 

Remove criteria for Fast Feedback

  1. Click the “Criteria” page in the left-side menu of Feedback Forward. 

  2. You will see a list of your Fast Feedback criteria. Click the black “x” to the right of a criterion to remove quick access to it when you start a Fast Feedback session. This will give you space to add new criteria. This will not delete past feedback associated with this criterion.

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