Give Fast Feedback to a class

Fast Feedback is a way to quickly give feedback to an entire class at once on one skill, behavior, or deliverable. Fast Feedback can only be given in the Feedback Forward extension, not the Workspace. 

  1. Open the Feedback Forward extension. If you do not have any active feedback sessions, it will open to a new session. If you have an active feedback session open, you can open a new tab in the extension to begin a new session. 

  2. Select “Fast” beside the feedback type. 

  3. Select your class or add a class. 

  4. Select a criterion for Fast Feedback or add a criterion

  5. Click “Next”.

  6. Record feedback for all students. If you do not see any students, add them. 

  7. If you want feedback to be associated with a different date or time, select that date or time using the clock and calendar beside the criterion name. You can only select the present or a past date. You may not select a day in the future. 

  8. Click the comment box beside a student’s feedback to add an optional note. 

  9. Once finished, click “View Insights” to see data and trends or click “New Session” to begin another feedback session.

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