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View Fast Feedback insights in the extension

Insights on student and class trends are available based on the feedback you record with Feedback Forward. For some insights to be available, you will need to have completed five sessions of feedback for the selected class and criterion. 

  1. Record Fast Feedback for a class in the extension. 

  2. When you have given feedback to every student, click “View Insights.” 

  3. First, you will see whether the class is trending up or down on the selected criterion. This compares the class average for the current session to the averages of the past 4 sessions. 

  4. In “Today’s Average Feedback,” you will see a pie chart broken down by the total number of each feedback score for that class for that day, as well as the average feedback given to students. 

  5. In “Today’s Trends,” you will see a bar chart comparing the total number of each feedback level that class received compared across the past 5 days. 

  6.  In “Student Trends,” students will be categorized by Low, Medium, or High depending on the average feedback they received this week. You can toggle between each category. For each student, you can see the past 5 sessions of feedback displayed as bars, their average feedback across the past 5 sessions, and their change in feedback, which compares their performance on their most recent session to the average of their past 5 sessions. 

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